Claire creates recipes for children who perhaps can't read, but are excited and ready to learn how to cook. Think of Claire's Cooking Club recipes as inspiring road maps. All are easily adaptable for your family. Budget, dietary restrictions and busy schedules are all given careful consideration when creating every Cooking Club recipe. Enjoy ours and feel free to send us yours. We'll feature you and your young chef's creations in upcoming Claire's Cooking Club blog posts.

Here a few to get you started. Check back often. We'll add new recipes every month! Subscribe to Claire's Cooking Club on YouTube.

Spaghetti Spiders

Tofu Hot Dogs- each one cut in four pieces
uncooked spaghetti

Place a pile of uncooked spaghetti in front of your child like a pile of Pick-Up Sticks along with a tofu hot dog cut in quarters.
Encourage them to pierce the tofu dog quarters with the raw spaghetti in any which way they choose.
Take these charming creations and throw them in a pot of boiling water until the noodles are al dente.

Serve any sauce of your choosing. We like a tomato sauce or a cheese sauce. Let your young chefs pick their favorite.

Banana Sushi

Greek Yogurt
Whipped Cream Cheese
melting chocolate
Sunflower Butter
Colorful crispy breakfast cereal
mini chocolate chips
sunflower seeds

Peel whole bananas
Cover in yogurt, cream cheese, sunflower (or nut) butter and melted chocolate
Roll in assorted crunchy cereals, seeds, mini chips or chopped strawberries
Chill in fridge until the outer ingredients firm up
Cut into slices and serve with chopsticks.


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